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Rooted in the Community

From buying or selling a home, dealing with marriage or divorce, to making a Will and a Power of Attorney, incorporating and running a family farm or handling debt collect – you will find there are times in your life that you need a lawyer. TSN Law is a full service law firm and we are here to help. We offer professional and competent legal services with a focus on client needs and efficient outcomes. Read through our areas of law and contact us for an appointment. We look forward to working with you!

Real Estate

Real Estate Law is one of the primary areas of practice for TSN Law. We have been professionally closing all types of real estate transactions since we opened our doors over 40 years ago. We can assist and advise from the beginning to the end of a transaction, including the preparation of agreements, direction with financing, and the transfer of funds and titles on trust conditions that protect your interest and your money. TSN Law has extensive experience in both sides of purchaser and vendor transactions, agricultural transactions, commercial transactions, and condominium establishment and purchase.


TSN Law can assist you with the establishment of your new business venture, whether that will entail setting up a partnership or corporation, or assisting with the reservation of a business name for your partnership or sole proprietor business.

We currently assist over 250 corporate clients with their company structures at Corporate Registry which includes filing annual returns, yearly minutes, the issuance of dividends, asset rollovers, corporate restructuring, and establishing family trusts. We have a close relationship with all local accounting firms and work closely with other professionals to ensure our clients’ needs are met in a timely fashion.

Looking to sell your business or buy a new one? Come and meet with one of our lawyers as there are specific issues that must be considered when selling or buying a business, whether it be the real property involved or other business assets and buildings or the shares of the company itself.

Family Law

Darcy Neufeld is the lead lawyer in our Family Law department at TSN Law. Darcy has established a successful and strong family law practice which includes divorce proceedings, custody/access applications, child support and spousal support applications and division of family property.

It is important to understand both your rights and responsibilities upon entering or leaving a spousal relationship and we would highly encourage that you seek the advice of a lawyer, even if you are proceeding by agreement and cooperation. We also encourage you to book an appointment if you are entering a spousal relationship to discuss the practicality of a prenuptial agreement, particularly on a second or subsequent relationship.

Darcy can also provide advice and assistance in the areas of adoption or change of name. Please call to book an appointment.

Criminal Law

Ronald Saretzky is the lawyer primarily responsible for the handling of criminal offenses. Ron has experience in both Saskatchewan Provincial Court and Saskatchewan King’s Bench levels of Court and dedicates himself to the best representation of his clients. Ron can assist with a range of offences from assault, break and enter, breach of a court order, mischief, sexual assault, driving offences, and many more. If you are charged, you should seek legal advice immediately.

Are you the victim of a crime and are looking for advice on what to do or how the process works? Feel free to come meet with Ron and he can provide you with information as to what to expect moving forward.

Estate Administration

Estate administration can be anything from the removal of a name from a joint title to applications for Probate or Administration and the distribution of millions of dollars in assets. Whatever you need, we can help.

Estate administration can often be stressful for an executor – you are suddenly placed in the shoes of a loved one which can result in significant responsibility. We encourage you to hire professionals like TSN Law to help lead the way for you and provide you with advice on what steps need to be taken.

Is there discord among family members? Again, we can help you through Estate litigation if it should arise. Please call and book an appointment with an available lawyer.

Wills/Estate Planning

Despite the extreme importance, it is common for people to neglect or delay in preparing a Last Will and Testament and a Power of Attorney. All of the lawyers in our office are able to provide practical advice in estate planning and can draft documents to fit your needs, such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Joint Tenancy Agreements and Health Care Directives. All that you need to bring to an appointment is yourself, as well as some thought as to who you trust to be in charge of your estate (executor/executrix) and who you want to benefit from your Estate after you die.

Our firm places a strong emphasis on the importance of Estate Planning and we provide these services for a reasonable price. Please contact the office to book an appointment with one of us so that we can ensure your family is protected upon your death and to prevent Estate litigation.


Do you have a legal dispute that needs to be resolved? Are you being sued or thinking of suing? Book an appointment with Darcy in order to obtain some advice on the best way to proceed.

Civil Litigation can range from debt collection to land encroachments to personal injury litigation or the denial of insurance claims. No two issues are the same and can often take time to determine the proper and most practical avenue for you to move forward. TSN Law strives to provide common sense and efficient service for litigation clients and we look forward to working with you.

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